COVID'19 Measures

Before and upon entry into the facility

1. Only 1 guardian/parent per child is allowed into the designated seating area for children to ensure no overcrowding and minimize contact between families. Otherwise, parents are highly encourage to do drop off and pick up ​2. Swimmers are encouraged to have their swimwear under their outdoor clothes to minimize crowding in the changing rooms 3. Swimmers and parents are required to scan our SafeEntry QR code and have their temperature taken to enter the pool premises. Anyone above 37.5°C will be denied entry 4. Payment of school fees will be made contactless via paynow or giro to minimize interaction with our front desk team

Measures within the facility

1. Swimmers to have their mask and slippers on until they enter the pool ​2. 20 minutes changeover between classes to ensure smooth entry and exit of students between sessions and sufficient time for our coaches and staff to sanitize the swim equipment 3. Coaches will use the SwimTracker app to provide feedback ​4. Coaches will be wear a mask out of water and a face shield in the water when conducting classes ​5. No showering with soap and shampoo in shower rooms to minimize crowing and interaction. Students to rinse off using outdoor pool showers and change clothes in designated toilets


How long does it take to be able to swim?

Assuming the child is totally new and has zero experience in swimming and the waters, it will take about 24 weeks (from Beginner L1 to L3) to be able to do basic forms of swimming, such as the streamline flutter kicks and back kicks, without assistance from floating devices or coaches. Do take note that every child’s learning ability is different. Some may take longer and some may take shorter.

What does my child learn in Beginner vs Intermediate?

Beginner level is focused on the first 3 strokes; front crawl, backstroke and breaststroke. Intermediate level is focused on fine-tuning these 3 strokes, learning the 4th stroke – butterfly, and building the basics of what a competitive swimmer needs, such as endurance and the ability to do a starting block plunge and turn.

Does my child need to fulfil the whole program?

That is recommended, but ultimately depends on the goal of the child. If the aim is to learn to swim for survival, then it is recommended to finish Beginner Level 8. Completing this stage means the child can swim the front crawl, backstroke and breaststroke confidently. If the child wants to go into a competitive team, learn the butterfly, or just use swimming as a means to keep fit for the rest of life, then it is recommended to go up to Intermediate level.

Is your Learn-To-Swim curriculum the same as SwimSafer 2.0 program?

Our Swim Lab curriculum is considered as an upgrade of the SwimSafer – our lessons plans are not as compressed and we have a strong focus on fundamentals. All drills and lesson plans are developed to learn swimming and irrelevant aspects are eliminated. Moreover, a specific Toddler category is added to our curriculum to adapt to the learning needs of this age group.

Can your Learn-To-Swim certificate exempt my child from SwimSafer 2.0 program in school?

Our certificates have been recognized by many schools to be fulfilling the same criteria as SwimSafer 2.0. However, we still highly encourage for parents to check with their school administration on the exemption criteria and we can advise on which level your child has to successfully complete with us in order to get the closest equivalence.

Can my child jump levels if he/she learns faster?

Yes, The Swim Lab encourages swimmers to soar and be the best they can! During assessment, your child's coach may recommend to the assessor for him/her to be assessed for higher level skills. Double or triple-level promotion is possible.

What is the group size for the class?

For toddlers, we maintain a ratio of 1 coach : 4 toddlers. For beginners, we maintain a ratio of 1 coach : 6 kids. For intermediate, we maintain a ratio of 1 coach : 8 kids or 2 groups of 5 kids. For developmental squad, we maintain a ratio of 1 coach : 20 kids (closed due to COVID'19 restrictions)

Is there a competitive program available at Swim Lab?

We have a semi-competitive program to suit the needs of swimmers that want to further improve their technique and have an aerobic workout 1.5 hours twice a week, on Saturday afternoons and Sunday mornings. However, we do not offer a full week competitive program at Swim Lab, and for this we can recommend our partner brand X Lab in Yishun.

My child needs private lessons, does Swim Lab offer that?

Yes, we do offer private lessons depending on coach availability, but we firmly believe group lessons are the most ideal as students will often learn from each other and benefit from the interaction between classmates. Do speak to us to find out more.


What if my child has to miss swim class on a particular date?

Every package of 12 classes comes with 2 Make-up vouchers that can be used to reschedule the lesson.

What if my child is sick?

Please send a valid medical certificate as proof to our front desk officer and a Make-up voucher will be issued.

What is considered as bad weather?

Bad weather is defined as lightning activity, haze of >150 psi, or very heavy rain in close proximity of the pool and the facility is closed by the pool management and/or lifeguard and/or Swim Lab staff. If there is light rain, our coaches will evaluate whether lessons can be continued. Your child's safety is ours too!

What happens if there is bad weather before class?

Class will be cancelled AFTER 15 MINS of consistent bad weather from the stipulated class commencement time. Bad Weather (BW) Voucher will be issued to reschedule the lesson. Our front desk officer will inform parents via our Facebook page at ‘The Swim Lab’ and may call and message affected parents.

What happens if there is bad weather during class?

Swim classes will be cancelled should there be 15 minutes of consistent inclement weather from the stipulated class commencement time and substitute land training is unable to be
conducted. In such circumstances, class will not be considered conducted and will not be
deducted from your class package.
Class is considered conducted if either: (i) at least 30 minutes of swim class has been
conducted, or (ii) land training has been provided in lieu of swim class.

I want to suspend my package, how do I go about it?

Package suspension is only applicable to students under the 12 session package. An administrative fee of S$50 applies to each Temporary Suspension. Suspension requests must be submitted a minimum of 10 working days before the requested Suspension Start Date. *Students will be marked absent for any class missed before the Suspension Start Date. To suspend your classes, please submit your request at http://bit.ly/swimlab-suspend


How qualified are Swim Lab's coaches?

Our coaches have gone through an 88-hour Swimming Instructor programme developed by Sports Lab and International Sports Academy. This includes theory, practical, on-the-job training, and a completed first aid and CPR/AED. Moreover, our coaching staff gets regular practical workshops, refresher courses, and the use of the SwimTrainer application.

Does my child always get the same coach?

Yes, but The Swim Lab may change the coach for the class for reasons including, but not limited to, progression of class to a higher level and coaches’ leave.

Can I choose my preferred gender coach?

No, but you can indicate your preference so we can consider this when placing the child in a class.

Can I change my coach if my child does not enjoy or progress in the class?

All our coaches have the same standard of coaching, and are equipped with the same variety of teaching methods to be effective and consistent with every child. As such Swim Lab does not change coaches based on an individual request. However, if there is a specific valid reason, we would be happy to see how we can accommodate your request.


When and how do I need to make payment?

Fees are to be paid in full before commencement of first lesson. Failure to pay for fees before the commencement of lesson will result in the release of class slot. Fees can be paid by either: i. NETS, ii. Cash, iii. PayNow, iv. PayLah, v. Bank transfer.

Can I get a refund if I stop halfway the payment cycle?

Unfortunately, we do not offer refunds. For every new student, we provide a free trial which will assess the suitability of the student in the class setting and their level and our coaches will make appropriate recommendations if any changes are required.


What safety measures do you have in place?

Safety is our topmost priority. Our coaches are all certified in first aid and CPR/AED.

What if my child cries during the lesson?

If your child cries, it does not mean he or she is not ready! Your child might be anxious at first, but our coaches are well trained to make the child comfortable through a series of water games and interaction with their peers.

Can parents watch the class?

Yes, we encourage parents to watch from a distance so that the swimmer does not get distracted. We hope the child learns independency from our class.

Do I need to be in the water with my kid?

No. Your child might not be used to the environment of having other kids and the coach around, but we hope that you will give the coach some space and time to work their magic with your child!

What swimwear do I need to buy?

Swim suit and goggle. Other swim equipment, such as cap, kick boards, toys are provided.

Are all students required to wear a cap?

We highly recommend it to wear a swim cap to prevent hair from getting on their faces, thus we have issued a swim cap with the registration pack!

How can I know which level to enrol my child in?

We provide a free trial for our coaches to assess your child’s level of water confidence and ability, and assign to the level that is most appropriate for him/her. The level can be obtained from the coach or front desk officer, and every 8 weeks they will be re-assessed.

Can I group my 4 years old toddler with my 7 years old child together?

No, this is not advisable due to different teaching pedagogies designed for the different age categories. However, they can be grouped in the same hour since they are multiple classes with different levels at every hour – subject to availability.